Friday, 31 May 2013

More Life Drawing

If you draw from life then you will know of the types of models out there. The amazing models that hold a pose for ages; those that can pose well but occasionally, without warning, move and stretch but put themselves back to where they were. But then you get the type of model I had for this session, the type that throws themselves into a pose to be dramatic but can't hold it, so they very slowly, over the course of the pose, re-position themselves so they are more comfortable. You start the drawing by blocking out the pose and then when you come to fill in the details you find that the arm is in a completely different position. It's highly frustrating and very annoying. While I appreciate his attempt to give us interesting poses, as a life model he needs to be aware of his limitations. As a result I only have two drawings to show.

Maybe the extreme poses tired him out. Thankfully it did as this is my favourite of the night.

I chopped off his foot, doh, but I think I handled his back quite well.

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