Saturday, 18 May 2013

Life Drawing

I've recently started going to some untutored life drawing classes in Holborn, London. They have two models each week, one does a long pose while the other does short 20 minute poses. I prefer the short poses as I get to practice many in one evening.  Here are a few of the results from my sketchbook:

Week 2

 Week 1 I worked in a different pad that had bigger paper but I now prefer to work directly into my A4ish sketchbook, it's smaller but I find it's easier to carry around and everything stays together. I find I have a particularly sketchy style which on the whole I like. I'm particularly proud of the arm in the top picture.

 I have a tendency to chop off feet, something I am trying to improve apon.

 In this one I ran out of room for the hands.

Week 3

The male model turned up late so I drew the long pose female model while we waited. For some reason I drew two 20 minute poses on one sheet so decided to do some small detail detail drawings while I waited for the next pose.

 Again chopped off his foot, but I like how I interpreted his back. 

 I know! It's ridiculous how I keep doing it. But on the whole I like this one the best. Something is not quite right about his deltoid, but other than that I like it.

Week 4

Huzzah! I managed to keep his feet in, and yet, my usual sketchy style just was not working for me this time.

 Back to chopping off feet and I was still struggling. The model had a massive physique, even his muscles had muscles, he kept moving about so much, even his muscles didn't seem to stay in the same place.

 I decided to try something a little bit different and take my time and not be as sketchy, I think it came out really well, and look, his feet are in the drawing!

 This one was definitely the best of the evening, I was a lot more deliberate with the lines and took my time and tried not to be so sketchy. I still think I can do better though. Looking forward to the next class.

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